Web Comics

Here are some of our favorite SF / Fantasy webcomics. If you know of a good one, drop a line to Donald Simmons.

  • XKCD: Romance! Sarcasm! Math!
  • MegaTokyo: Two gaming geeks get stranded in Japan and find zombies,     ninjas,fangirls, and just maybe True Love.
  • ShortPacked!: Adventures in the exciting world of retail! OK, at least it’s gaming store     retail.
  • The Order of the Stick: D&D fun in a stick-person world.
  • Schlock Mercenary: Join Tagon’s Toughs. Travel the Galaxy. Meet interesting life     forms. And kill them.
  • Unshelved: Let’s see what working at a library is really like. Sunday’s feature Book Club     recommendations.
  • Scary Go Round: The insane goings-on in an insane English town.
  • Galaxion: Tara Tallan’s SF comic is reborn as an on-line graphic novel.
  • Starslip Crisis: Board the Fuseli, luxury warship turned travelling art gallery.
  • Crimson Dark: Come along for life as a space privateer
  • Seraph Inn: Elves, Humans and Da’kor…. live in peace…not.
  • Does Not Equal: a webcomic by Sarah Ennals.
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