SOL Rising

Number 9, April 1993

Annual Report to Members
Toronto Public Library’s Financial Situation
Canadian Fiction 1991 and 1992
Mini Fiction
Public Lending Right in Jeopardy
Awards for 1990 and 1991 Fiction

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Annual Report to Members

by Lorna Toolis, Head of Collection



Usage of the Merril Collection continues to increase and the Friends of the Merril Collection display admirable enthusiasm. In 1992 the Friends donated a fax machine and purchased stationary for the Collection. An ever-increasing percentage of reference questions are answered via the fax machine.


New Building

Progress was made toward the long-awaited new building. 1993 may see construction begin.


The Ontario Municipal Board ruled in favour of our proposed use of the site at 239 College Street. Building staff met with the architect to discuss design modifications and with the Chief Librarian and Management Committee to discuss staffing. Staff visited the new Barbara Frum Branch in North York to inspect design features.


Major Acquisitions

In 1992 the Merril Collection purchased manuscripts written by Edgar Pangborn and H. Beam Piper. A signed first edition of Philip K. Dick's A Scanner Darkly was obtained, as was a limited edition print, Dinosaur Parade, by James Gurney, author of Dinotopia.


Mr. Peter Roberts of Guelph donated a rare fanzine, Dimensions edited by Harlan Ellison. Ms. Deloris Booker of Hay River, N.W.T. donated seven boxes of Star Trek materials.


Circulating Collection

Usage of the circulating collection increased by 33.78% in 1992. The increase is due to listing the materials in the library's new computerized Dynix system by author and title, so that they are available as a system resource. Staff are extremely pleased with the increased usage. Statistics are derived from the Dynix check-in count, as materials are signed out by Boys & Girls House staff.


Unfortunately, steadily increasing usage has combined with the chronic staff shortage to place the staff of the Merril Collection in a situation where they are unable to perform any services but the essential ones. This was the first year since 1986 that the Merril Collection has not offered classes to high school students. Budget cuts and planning for staff cuts had a severe impact on staff morale.


Community Programming and Outreach

Merril Collection staff will be advising the exhibition staff of the National Library of Canada and providing materials for an exhibit dealing with Canadian speculative fiction. The exhibit will be on display in Ottawa initially, after which a part of it will come to the Merril Collection. A display consulting firm, Lord Consulting, was the successful bidder for the project's contract. They will work with the National Library and the staff on this project. A catalogue/ subject bibliography will be produced.


SOL RISING, the newsletter of the Friends of the Merril Collection won an Aurora Award for best amateur magazine. The Aurora is an annual award for Canadian science fiction and fantasy.


In addition to the annual business meeting in May and the Christmas Cream Tea in December the Merril Collection held readings in:


  • May—Candas Jane Dorsey, author of Machine Sex and Other Tales, read from her forthcoming novel.
  • June—Sean Stewart, author of Passion Play and Tom Henighan, author of Strange Attractors and Tourists from Algol read at the Merril Collection.
  • July—Spider Robinson, well-known author of sf, read from a work in progress and answered questions.
  • August—Katharine MacLean, a highly respected American sf author met the Friends and answered questions about her work.
  • October—The Merril Collection celebrated Judith Merril's Harbourfront Tribute. Attending were authors Samuel Delany, Frederik Pohl, Elizabeth Ann Hull, Spider & Jeanne Robinson, Katharine MacLean, John Robert Colombo and Élisabeth Vonarburg.
  • November—Diana Paxson, a popular fantasy author read from a forthcoming book at the Merril Collection. This event was co-sponsored by the Society for Creative Anachronism.


In addition, the Merril Collection hosts regular monthly meetings of the Space/Time Continuum (a science fiction discussion group), Ad Astra (the group which organizes Toronto's annual science fiction convention), the USS Hudson Bay and Star Trek Toronto (both Star Trek groups), and a Quantum Leap club. The Collection also provides services to two different writers' groups.


Staff Activities

Loma Toolis, Collection Head, attended RhinoCon in London, Ontario, a convention which specialized in horror and dark fantasy. She also attended WilfCon in Guelph, where she accepted an Aurora Award on behalf of Martin Springett, a noted Cana­dian artist. She was a guest at NonCon, a science fiction convention in Vancouver. In December a local bookstore, Bakka, held a book launch for Tesseracts4, which she co-edited. Together with Mary Cannings she attended BoucherCon, the annual world mystery convention.


Annette Mocek attended a one day course held at the Faculty of Library Science, University ofToronto on paper conservation and book repair.


Mary Cannings attended Ad Astra, Toronto's annual science fiction convention and BoucherCon, the world mystery convention.



Every year in the annual report, staff like to list some of the interesting questions that come our way during the course of the working year. Generic questions pertaining to particular authors, cyberpunk, Star Trek and awards are omitted. These are the questions the staff found interesting.


Various post-graduate students and teachers asked for information on Canadian science-fiction and fantasy, gothic elements in modern popular culture, militarism in sf between WWI & II, sf poetry and fantasy art. There has been a notable increase in the number of questions pertaining to Canadian materials of the last two years.


The staff of TVO's popular series Prisoners of Gravity continued to research episodes at the Merril Collection. They requested materials pertaining to: first contact with aliens, space travel, God, Ray Bradbury, weapons, Jack Kirby, zero population growth, Arthurian legends, shared worlds, alternate worlds, time travel, immortality, awards, racism, utopias, crime and punishment, cyberbooks and ecology.


Current Science asked Merril Collection staff to recommend an sf title they could use in their science contest for Grades 6-8.


Teachers repeatedly requested information on fantasy role-playing games in general and Dungeons and Dragons in particular. Book dealers verified edition statements using the Merril Collection's resources. Referrals for companies or individuals trying to contact sf authors or agents were frequent.


Other questions the staff found interesting throughout the year include:

  • translation and decoding of alien languages
  • list of materials for a patron building a ‘Mars’ subject bibliography
  • fiction dealing with Mars for a patron making IMAX footage of a Russian Mars walker
  • many patrons checked to see if various titles, i.e. The Book of Counted Sorrows and The Necronomlcon are in fact apocryphal
  • a patron wanted illustrations from the pre-1942 sf pulps dealing with radio and electricity to be used as background for a display
  • the CBC wanted information on Ernst Zundel's UFO theories; the AVRO flying saucer and In Advance of the Landing
  • information on psychokinesis and other ESP phenomena
  • the exact wording of Star Trek's 'Prime Directive'
  • staffing lists of the World Science Fiction conventions, 1974-1992
  • listing of short Canadian sf for Ursula Le Guin, who was editing the Norton Anthology of Science Fiction
  • overpopulation in future societies

·         "green" themes in science fiction and fantasy; ecology in sf

  • fantasy written by people of different ethnic backgrounds (the patron wanted someone from every continent except Antarctica)
  • censorship in the sf field
  • alternate universe information, fiction and non-fiction theory
  • information on science fiction BBS (electronic bulletin board system)


Statistics (see table)

Note that Groups includes classes, receptions and meetings of sf clubs using collection facilities. In 1992 the Merril Collection was too short-staffed to give classes.


Circulation materials are signed out by Boys & Girls House staff. The circulation figures are derived from the Dynix check-in count.



Thanks are due to Larry Hancock, Chair of the Friends of the Merril Collection. Mr. Hancock also attended the building committee and edited SOL RISING, the newsletter of the Friends of the Merril Collection. Doris Bercarich, Secretary-Treasurer was also generous with her time, handling logis­tics for all of the library programmes. The staff of the Merril Collection: Mary Cannings and Annette Mocek, have worked extremely hard to maintain the Merril Collection's high level of service. George Soza, our custodian, made us presentable and his efforts are greatly appreciated.


Marianne Cree, Margaret Maloney and Nancy Krygsman have all been enormously helpful throughout the course of the year.





% of change









Acquisitions - Periodicals




Acquisitions - Books





Acquisitions - Books





Research Queries




Reference Queries








The above has been adapted from Lorna Toolis' official annual report to the Toronto Public Library Board.

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Toronto Public Library’s Financial Situation

The following is the text of a presentation made by Library Board members and senior staff at a series of public consultation meetings in October-November 1992.


Toronto has always supported its public libraries well. However, we are now having to face the reality of the current recession. After decades of steady growth, we faced budget cuts for the first time in 1992.


Our funding comes from three sources: 90% from the City of Toronto; 5% from the Province of Ontario; 5% from library income (fines, photocopy fees, etc.).


We have two budgets: operating and capital. The operating budget covers staff; books and materials; supplies and services. Our capital budget is for new buildings, renovations and automation.


Our 1991 operating budget was close to $35,000,000. Our 1992 budget is 2% less than last year. In reality, after absorbing the cost of inflation, we have 7% less than last year.


The library board is not alone in suffering curs. The City of Toronto required all of its departments and agencies to cut costs this year to keep tax increases to a minimum. The City required that these cuts be made without staff layoffs and with a minimal impact on public service.


How have we done this?

Like all service-oriented organizations, our largest cost by far is staff, and rightly so. Our staff are our prime resource. Providing service in 33 locations is labour-intensive and this takes 70% of our budget. Due to pay increases already negotiated (for the second year of a two-year contract) and to increases in the cost of benefits, our staff costs increased by 5% in 1992. This meant that the other two categories—books and services—had to take a much larger cut to stay within budget.


Regretfully, we have had to cut the budget for books and materials by 30%. (The Merril Collection books and materials budget was cut by 10%.) We hope to restore some of this over the next few years. Right now, it means that we will be buying 60,000 fewer books this year. We still expect to offer the same variety of titles; we will just have fewer copies of them spread among all our branches. We have cut supplies and services by 15%. This category includes office supplies, building maintenance, publicity and staff training. While these cuts may not be visible to the public, they have put a lot of pressure on the library internally.


How are we coping with the cuts?

First, we have had a hiring freeze, as do all City agencies, since January 1,1992. We are attempting to reduce the number of staff through attrition.


Secondly, we have had our automated system up and running in all branches since December last year and the on-line catalogue since June this year. This has enabled us to give you better service without incurring more cost.


Third, with automation we can utilize our collections much better. People have access to all our collections from any branch, can place holds on copies held at other locations to be shipped to them, and can place holds on books even while they are still on order.


Lastly, the proposals on tiers of service and roles that are the basis of our new service delivery model will help us focus our efforts to deliver service more efficiently and effectively.


What can we expect in 1993?

The economic situation is not going to improve for some time. Recovery from recession in the public sector traditionally lags behind the private sector.


The Budget Review Committee of City Council has recently released its "Streamlining Report". It calls for reducing staff costs by 10% by the end of 1994.


The Library, along with every other City department and agency, is required to reduce its staff. We have been planning how we will do this for the last six months. Once again, the City requested us to propose cuts that would not involve staff layoffs or affect public service.


We have made it clear to the Budget Review Committee that a cut of 10% of our staff is impossible for us without service cuts. Torontonians place a high value on their library service and library usage is increasing. Our City Councillors understand this and are not requiring us to downsize so drastically. We are, however, expecting to reduce staff size by 4.4%. The cuts will be in areas where they will not have a serious effect on service, and where technology is helping us to be more efficient. (There are not cuts to the Merril Collection staff.)


In the next year or so, you will be seeing more use of technology that will enable us to save staff time.


Coming first will be automatic phoning to notify people of holds and overdue books. We are also looking at automatic renewals by telephone and self-serve checkout.


We will be reviewing patterns of library usage with a view to fine-tuning our hours of opening. This will help us make the best use of staff while ensuring that services are available when people most need them.


It is our expectation that the staff reductions can be accomplished through resignations and retirements, without layoffs, over the course of the next two years.


In terms of our capital budget, our major project for 1993 will be our new Boys and Girls House, to be located on College Street which will also house the Merril Collection of Science Fiction, Speculation and Fantasy and the Osborne and Lillian H. Smith collections. This building is a high priority for the Library. The site has been purchased, and 75% of the funding is already in place.


(On February 15, 1993, the balance of the funding was approved by the Executive Committee of City Council.)

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Canadian Fiction 1991 and 1992


The following is a listing of the science fiction, fantasy and speculative fiction published by Canadians in 1992 and 1991. This list has been derived primarily from the nominations list for the 1991 and 1992 Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy (AURORA) Awards. We welcome any additions or corrections. We welcome all authors, publishers, and other knowledgeable individuals to keep us informed of works in the sf field by all Canadians so that we may publish as complete and comprehensive a list as possible each year.




Novels and collections - English language


·         Atwood, Good Bones, Coach House

·         Burns, Cliff, That First, Wound-Bearing Layer, Greensleeve

·         Choyce, Leslie, Ark of Ice: Canadian Futurefictions (editor), Potterfield Press

·         Coney, Michael, No Place For a Sea Lion, Porthole Press

·         Coney, Michael, A Tomcat Called Salsvina, Porthole Press

·         Costello, Sean, Captain Quad, Penguin

·         Davies, Robertson, The Cornish Trilogy,Penguin

·         Davies, Robertson, Murther and Walking Spirits, McClelland & Stewart

·         DeBrandt, Don H., The Quicksilver Screen, Ballantine/Del Rey

·         de Lint, Charles, writing as Samuel M. Key, From a Whisper to a Scream, Berkley

·         de Lint, Charles, Spirit Walk, Tor

·         Duncan, Dave, The Cutting Edge, Ballantine/Del Rey

·         Duncan, Dave, Emperor and Clown, Ballantine/Del Rey

·         Duncan, Dave, The Reaver Road, Ballantine/Del Rey

·         Gedge, Pauline, The Covenant, Penguin

·         George, Stephen, Near Dead, Zebra

·         George, Stephen, Nightscape, Zebra

·         Green, Terence M., Children of the Rainbow, McClelland & Stewart

·         Huff, Tanya, Blood Trail, DAW

·         Hutchison, Don, Northern Frights (editor), Mosaic Press

·         Kay, Guy Gavriel, A Song forArbonne, Viking

·         Kilian, Crawford, Greenmagic, Ballantine/Del Rey

·         Robinson, Spider, Lady Slings the Booze, Ace

·         Russell, Sean, Gatherer of Clouds, DAW

·         Sagara, Michelle, Children of the Blood, Del Rey

·         Sawyer, Robert J., Far-Seer, Ace

·         Steffler, John, The Afterlife of George Cartwright

·         Stewart, Sean, Passion Play, Beach Holme/Tesseract

·         Stirling, S.M. & Drake, David, The General 2: The Hammer, Baen

·         Stirling, S.M. & Meier, Shirley, Saber and Shadow, Baen

·         Vonarburg, Élisabeth, In the Mother's Land, Beach Holme

·         Vonarburg, Élisabeth, The Maerlande Chronicles, Beach Home


Short work - English language


·             Armstrong-Jones, "Beastly!", Sword & Sorceress IX

·             Armstrong-Jones, "Love of the Banshee", Towers of Darkover

·             Armstrong-Jones, "Magic", Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine, Spring/92

·             Baillie, Robert, "Silent Night", On Spec, v4#3

·             Baker, Nancy, "Cold Sleep", Northern Frights

·             Begamudré, Ven, "Out of Sync", Tesseracts4

·             Burns, Cliff, "Also Starring", Tesseracts4

·             Burrs, Mick, "Baruch, The Man-Faced Dog", Tesseracts4

·             Choyce, Lesley, "The Best of Both Worlds", Tesseracts4

·             Choyce, Lesley, "Patches", Ark of Ice

·             Clarke, J. Brian, "Adoption", Analog, May 92

·             Cunningham, G.M., "Letters Home", Ark of Ice

·             de Lint, Charles, "Bridges", The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, October-November 1992

·             de Lint, Charles, "The Conjure Man", After the King

·             de Lint, Charles, "The Graceless Child", The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, February 1992

·             de Lint, "The Stone Drum", Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, December 1992

·             Delaplace, Barbara, "Belonging", The Crafters, Volume 2

·             Delaplace, Barbara, "Black Ice", Aladdin, Master of the Lamp

·             Delaplace, Barbara, "Choices", Alternate Presidents

·             Delaplace, Barbara, "Freedom", Alternate Kennedys and Alouette 5

·             Delaplace, Barbara, "The Hidden Dragon", Dragonfantastic

·             Delaplace, Barbara, "Lost Lamb", Whatdunits

·             Delaplace, Barbara, "The Last Sphinx", A Christmas Bestiary

·             Delaplace, Barbara & M. Resnick, "Trading Up", Battlestation, Volume 1

·             Doctorow, Cory, "Hell, A Cautionary Tale", Pulphouse No. 12/13

·              Dorsey, Candas Jane, "Death of a Dream", Tesseracts4

·             Dorsey, Candas Jane, "Living in Cities", Ark of Ice

·             Duncan, Dave, "The Others", Tesseracts4

·             Elflandsson, Galad, "Waiting", Northern Frights

·             Farley, Donna, "Light One Candle", On Spec, Fall 92

·             Farley, Donna, "The Passing of the Eclipse", Universe 2

·             Farrant, M.C., "The Children Do Not Yet Know", On Spec, Fall 92

·             Field, M.W., "Gryphons", Tesseracts4

·             Gardner, James Alan, "Kent State Descending the Gravity Well, An Analysis of the Observer", Amazing, October 92

·             Gardner, James Alan, "Lesser Figures of the Greater Trumps", The New Quarterly, Winter 92

·             Gardner, James Alan, "The Reckoning of Gifts", Tesseracts4

·             Gardner, James Alan, "The Young Person's Guide to the Organism, Variations and Fugue on a Classical Theme", Amazing, April 92

·             Girczyc, Catherine, "The Plelades Cat", On Spec, Winter 1992

·             Gotlieb, Phyllis, "The Newest Profession", Ark of Ice

·             Gotlieb, Phyllis, "We Can't Go On Meeting Like This", Tesseracts4

·             Green, Terence M., "Blue Limbo", Ark of Ice

·             Hapon, Preston, "The Stigmata of Ann-Marie Dassault", On Spec, Winter 1992

·             Hayward, Amber, "Famous T.V. Semi-Automatic Rifle", On Spec, Fall 1992

·             Herbert, Wesley, "Crossroads", On Spec, Fall 92

·             Huff, Tanya, "Li Shiung", Dragonfantastic

·             Huff, Tanya, "Underground", Northern Frights

·             Hughes, Monica, "The Price of Land", Ark of Ice

·             Kapalka, Jason, "Frosty", On Spec, Winter 1992

·             Kernaghan, Eileen, "Couples", Tesseracts4

·             Kernaghan, Eileen, "The Tulpa", The Blue Jean Collection

·             Kernaghan, Eileen, "The Weighmaster of Flood", Ark of Ice

·             Kilpatrick, Nancy, "Animal Rites", Crossroads #2

·             Kilpatrick, Nancy, "Farm Wife", Northern Frights

·             Kilpatrick, Nancy, "The Ghoul Next Door", Book of Shadows #4

·             Kilpatrick, Nancy, "Half a Chance", Fang #4

·             Kilpatrick, Nancy, "Leesville, LA", Freak Show

·             Kilpatrick, Nancy, "Vampire Lovers", The Vampire's Crypt #6

·             Kozinets, Robert L., "Ping Enclosed", Aboriginal SF, Fall 92

·             MacGregor, Susan, "No Tricks", On Spec, Spring 92

·             Marshall, Tom, "Scenes from Successive Futures", Ark of Ice

·             Martel, J.R. "Saints", On Spec, Winter 1992

·             McBride, Sally, "Children in Boxes", On Spec, Fall 92

·             Meier, Shirley, "The Witches' Tree", Northern Frights

·             Merkel, Cheryl, "Last Run", On Spec, Winter 1992

·             Meynard, Yves, "Equinox", Tesseracts4

·             Murphy, Darryl, "Father Time", Tesseracts4

·             Nelson, J., "Once Upon a Primetime", On Spec, Spring 92

·             Nickle, David, "The Killing Way", On Spec, Spring 92

·             Nickle, David, "Manifestations", Northern Frights

·             Nickle, David & Schroeder, Karl, "The Toy Mill", Tesseracts4

·             Park, John, "Falconer", Tesseracts4

·             Reeves-Stevens, Garfield, "Outport", Ark of Ice

·             Reeves-Stevens, Garfield, "Tear Down", Northern Frights

·             Sagara, Michelle, "Gifted", Aladdin, Master of the Lamp

·             Sampson, Robert, "The Silver Face", Northern Frights

·             Sawyer, Robert J., "Where the Heart Is", Ark of Ice

·             Schroeder, Karl, "Hopscotch", On Spec, Spring 92

·             Sellers, Peter, "Boogie Man", Northern Frights

·             Smith, Linda, "Changeling", On Spec, Winter 1992

·             Spencer, Hugh, "Icarus Down/Bear Rising", On Spec, Spring 92

·             Stanton, Steve, "Perfect Match", On Spec, Spring 92

·             Stephens, Lorina J., "Sister Sun", On Spec, Fall 92

·             Stewart, Sean, "Swangard Palace", On Spec, Winter 1992

·             Stirling, S.M. & Pournelle, Jerry, "Hall of the Mountain King", Man-Kzin Wars V

·             Taylor, Lucy, "Deer Season", Northern Frights

·             Teasdale, Michael, "The Ten-Million Year Beach", On Spec, Fall 92

·             Trudel, Jean-Louis, "The Falafel is Better in Ottawa", Ark of Ice

·             Trudel, Jean-Louis, "Remember, The Dead Say", Tesseracts4

·             van Belkom, Edo, "Blood Bait", Vampire's Crypt 6 and Alouette 1

·             van Belkom, Edo, "The Lovers", Crossroads, Vol. 1, No. 3

·             van Belkom, Edo, "Mark of the Beast", Northern Frights

·             Vonarburg, Élisabeth, "Chambered Nautilus", Tesseracts4

·             Wehrstein, Karen, "Cold", Northern Frights

·             Weiner, Andrew, "Changes", In Dreams

·             Weiner, Andrew, "The Map", Northern Frights

·             Weiner, Andrew, "A New Man", The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, July 92

·             Weiner, Andrew, "Seeing", The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, September 92

·             Weiner, Andrew, "Streak", Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, May 92

·             Weiss, Allan, "Ants", Tesseracts4

·             Wynne-Jones, Timothy, "Time-Shrink", Tesseracts4


Novels and collections - French language


·             Benoit, François, Carcasses, Boréal

·             Bergeron, Alain, Le Chant des Hayats, Paulines

·             Bossus, Francis, Quand la mort est au bout, Pierre Tisseyre

·             Brochu, André, L'Esprit ailleurs, XYZ Éditeur

·             Broehu, Yvon, On n'est pas des monstres, Québec/Amérique

·             Carpentier, André, Carnet sur la fin possible d'un monde, XYZ Éditeur

·             Champagne, Louise, Chroniques du métro, Triptyque

·             Fontaine, Clément, Drôle d'Halloween, Pierre Tisseyre

·             Fontaine, Clément, Merveilles au pays d'Alice, Pierre Tisseyre

·             Foueher, Jacques, Les Secrets de l’ultra-sonde, Boréal

·             Gauthier, Philippe, Le Destin de Qader, Paulines

·             Gélinas, Isabelle, Le Mystère du Marloland, Fides

·             Goupil, Mylène, Le Détonnateur, Fides

·             Lazure, Jacques, Pellicule-cités, Québec/Amérique

·             Lebugle, André, La Chasse aux vampires, Héritage

·             Marillac, Alain, La Loi du miroir, Hurtubise HMH

·             Marillac, Alain, Le Mur des volontés, Hurtubise HMH

·             Marois, Carmen, Un dragon dans la cuisine, Québec/Amérique

·             Péan, Stanley, Sombres Allées, CIDIHCA

·             Pelletier, Francine, La Saison de l'Exil, Paulines

·             Pelletier, Francine, Le Septième Écran, Paulines

·             Pouliot, Luc, Le Voyage des chats, Paulines

·             Risco, Anton, Hippogrife, VLB Éditeur

·             Rochon, Esther, L' Ombre et le cheval, Paulines

·             Sernine, Daniel, Chronoreg, Quebec/ Amerique

·             Somain, Jean-François, Le Baiser des étoiles, Hurtubise HMH

·             Tremblay, Sylvaine, Nécessaires, L'instant même

·             Vallières, Alain, Le Cité d'Atéra, Éd. du Rocher blanc

·             Vonarburg, Élisabeth, Chroniques du Pays des Mères, Québec/Amérique


Short work - French language


·             Aquin, Emmanuel, "Le Spasme de mourir", Stop 125

·             Ayotte,Marie-Josée, "Confidence", Le Sabord 30

·             Baillargeon, Michéle, "Bonsaï ", imagine... 59

·             Barcelo, François, "Une histoire de marde pour en finir avec les histoires de ...", Longues histoires courtes

·             Barcelo, François, "Tous des imbéciles", Longues histoires courtes

·             Beaulieu, Natasha, "Le Milliriard", Solaris 100

·             Begin, Marc-Élian, "Romance galactique", Le Polyscope

·             Bélil, Michel, "Le Jardinier servant", imagine... 59

·             Bergeron, Alain, "Nymphea", Solaris 99

·             Bilodeau, Louis, "Yggdrasil", imagine... 59

·             Bizier, Yves, "Jardins d'antan", imagine... 59

·             Bussus, Francis, "Quand la mort est au bout", Quand la mort est au bout

·             Bossus, Francis, "Le Temps du sculpteui", Quand la mort est au bout

·             Bossus, Francis, "Le propriétaire, la vine et la poussiére", Quand la mort est au bout

·             Bouchard, Guy, "Au jeu", imagine... 60

·             Brochu, André, "La Berlue", L'Esprit ailleurs

·             Brochu, André, "L'Entretemps", L'Esprit ailleurs

·             Brochu, André, "Le Divin Âge", L'Esprit ailleurs

·             Cadot, Richard, "Night Life", Solaris 102

·             Champetier, Joël, "Anciennes cicatrices", imagine... 59

·             Champetier, Joël, "Luckenbach, les mathématiques et autres dangers de Montréal", Solaris 100

·             Champetier, Joël, "Petite peste", Par Chemins inventes

·             Chatillon, Pierre, "Edmond Verneuil", Écrits du Canada 74

·             Chatillon, Pierre, "La Ligne de cur", Le Sabord 31

·             Cliche, Marie, "La Robe blanche", Moebius 54/55

·             Côté, Harold, "Le Projet", Solaris 101

·             Daneau, Maxime, "La Classe mystérieuse", Le Polyscope

·             Delagrave, Éric, "Le Reve du hérisson", imagine... 59

·             Desgroseillers, J. F., "Parfum d'insomnie", Le Polyscope

·             Désy, Jean, "Rencontre avec un sale type", imagine... 59

·             Dion, Jean, "Base de négociation", Solaris 101

·             Dussault, Danielle, "Mea Culpa", Le Sabord 30

·             Ferguson, Jean, "Le hennissement du zèbre", Lumière d'encre, Vol. 8 # 1

·             Foëx, Evelyne, "Aprés-midi d'octobre", Solaris 102

·             Gaudreau, David, "Il mange avec les loupe", Le Polyscope

·             Juteau, Monique, "Pandanus...", Le Sabord 31

·             Kleinberg, Carl, "Dégénérer", Solaris 31

·             Langlois, Stéphane, "Résurrection", Solaris 102

·             Leroux, Hélène, "Le Numéro de Bonsaï Noire", imagine... 59

·             Lord, Denis, "Manuscrit trouvé dans un coffre à gants", Stop 125

·             Lord, Michel, "La Légende Doré", XYZ 30

·             Marcel, Jean, "Bonsaï", imagine... 59

·             Martin, Michel, "Un temps pour mourir", imagine... 60

·             McAllister, Laurent, "Le Pierrot diffracté", Solaris 99

·             Meynard, Yves, "Le convoyeur d’âmes", Par Chemins inventes

·             Meynard, Yves & Élisabeth Vonarburg, "Chanson pour une siréne", Solaris 100

·             Michaud, Nando, "à la recherche du temps perçu", Stop 125

·             Michaud, Nando, "Inside jogg", Stop 125

·             Millet, Pascal, "Au-delà de la borne trente", imagine... 60

·             Morin, Hugues, "L'Étrange monsieur W", Solaris 102

·             Parent, Denis, "Le Train de 6 heures", Le Sabord 30

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Novels and collections - French language


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Short work - French language


·             April, Jean-Pierre, "Julie Joyal appelle les étoiles", N'ajustez pas vos hallucinettes

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·             Rochon, Esther, "Les Deux maisons", Les Deux Maisons

·             Sernine, Daniel, "À la recherche de monsieur Goodtheim", À la recherche de monsieur Goodtheim

·             Sernine, Daniel, "Hôtel Carnivalia", Boulevard des étoiles

·             Sernfine, Daniel, "Néon roses et bleus dans un salon désert", La Sabord 27

·             Somain, Jean-François, "Vue de douzième", Solaris 96

·             Sormany, Pierre, "Les Mondes parallèles d'Everett", SOL

·             Sormany, Pierre, "Fragments d’une guerre possible", imagine ... 56

·             Tremblay, Richard, "Maternité foire", Solaris 98

·             Trudel, Jean-Louis, "Les Jeux de la paix et de la guerre", imagine ... 55

·             Vonarburg, Élisabeth, "Celles qui vivent au-dessus des nuages", Moebius 48

·             Yance, Claude-Emmanuelle, "Les Fenêtres", Le Sabord 28




The following additions to the Canadian Fiction (1990) list, as published in SOL Rising 7 (May 1991) were obtained from various sources.


Novels and collections - English language


·             Costello, Sean, The Cartoonist, Pocket Books

·             Costello, Sean, Eden's Eyes, Pocket Books

·             Day, David, Swan Children, Doubleday

·             Reeves-Stevens, Garfield, Nighteyes, Seal/Bantam Spectra

·             Reeves-Stevens, Garfield, Red Lord: Bloodshift II, Warner

·             Rosenberg, Joel, Hero, DAW


Short work - English language


·             Burns, Cliff, "Invisible Boy", Tesseracts3

·             Champetier, Joël, "The Winds of Time", Tesseracts3

·             de Lint, Charles, "The Wild Girl", Drabble II-Double Century

·             de Lint, Charles, "Timeskip", Post Mortem

·             Pelletier, Francine, "Guinea Pig", Tesseracts3

·             Prévost, Claude-Michel, "Happy Days in Old Chernobyl", Tesseracts3

·             Rochon, Esther, "Canadola", Tesseracts3

·             Sernine, Daniel, "Only a Lifetime", Tesseracts3

·             Trudel, Jean-Louis, "Proscripts of Gehenna", Tesseracts3

·             Vonarburg, Elisabeth, "Cogito", Tesseracts3




The following additions to the Canadian Fiction (1989) list, as published in SOL Rising 6 (November1990) were obtained from various sources.


Short work - English language


·             de Lint, Charles, "The Sacred Fire", Stalkers

·             de Lint, Charles, "Timeskip", Post Mortem

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Mini Fiction

By John Robert Colombo


Last year I published a book called Worlds in Small. It is an anthology of "mini fictions"...teensy-weensy stories or literary effects ...not one of which amounts to more than fifty words. Indeed, most of the stories are only a couple of sentences long. Some are only a few words long. One or two are no words long.


Close to half the 111 selections are the work of authors of fantastic literature like Ackerman, Bradbury, Clarke, Heinlein, etc. When the book appeared, some writers praised it for its novelty. "What a delightful book!" exclaimed Martin Gardner. "It's a real fun anthology," wrote Mike Ashley. "Much to tease the mind there," suggested Brian W. Aldiss. I even received a much- treasured letter from Arthur C. Clarke...from Colombo in Sri Lanka to Colombo in Toronto, so to speak.


The bugbear of the anthologist is space. There is never too much of it. I really should release my next anthology as a CD-ROM; that way I might have room for everything. Here are some "mini fictions" that do not appear in Worlds in Small. A number of them are "briefs" that I encountered months after I had "put the book to bed" (to use the quaint expression once common in the printing business).


"First Drawing" / Vladimir Nabokov

...a newspaper story about an ape in the Jardin des Plantes, who, after months of coaxing by a scientist, produced the first drawing ever charcoaled by an animal: this sketch showed bars of the poor creature's cage.


37 words. "Perhaps Nabokov misremembered a photograph that appeared in the newspapers that year: a chimpanzee at the London zoo with a paintbrush in its hand." So suggested Brian Boyd in Vladimir Nabokov: The Russian Years (Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 1990). For the passage above, Boyd sourced the Anglo-Russian novelist's letter to Mark Vishnyak, 30 Sept. 1939; his collection Strong Opinions (1973); and his diary for 3 Dec. 1969. Yet Nabokov is reacting to a newsstory about a chimp that drew lines if not bars.


"The Sibyl at Cumae" / Federico Fellini & Bernardino Zapponi

I saw the Sibyl at Cumae, where she was hung up in a bottle. The children would ask her, "What do you want, Sibyl?" And she would always answer, "I want to die."


33 words. "The Sibyl at Cumae" is an excerpt from the screenplay written by Federico Fellini & Bernardino Zapponi for the film Fellini's Satyricon (1969) translated from the Italian.


"In Infinity" / Walter Sullivan

Given an infinite number of planets in space or time, someone, somewhere in infinity, with your name, is sitting in an exact duplicate of your room, reading these exact words.


30 words. Science columnist Walter Sullivan is the author of this sentence. It was quoted by Steven Tyler in Are the Invaders Coming? (1968). Tyler also repeats the famous expression of the notion of infinite variation attributed to the astronomer Sir James Jeans: "If an infinite number of monkeys witlessly pounded an infinite number of typewriters for an infinite period of time, one monkey must eventually type out the King James version of the Bible."


"The Last Man on Earth: Variation No. 97" / Forrest J Ackerman

The last ma on Earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door. It was the last pa.


22 words. Readers of this column are assuredly familiar with Fredric Brown's 17-word class "Knock." Here is a variation on Brown's "last man" theme; it was composed or constructed by Forrest J. Ackerman, science-fiction fandom's punster extraordinare. He had to be talked out of insisting it appear over the byline "Fred Erik Braun"; instead, it appears as if written by "Spencer Strong," the pseudonym chosen by Ackerman for this composition and for yet another variation: "The last earth on man set a-loam in a room. Dracula's casket."


"Private Eye Yarn" / Clyde Gilmour

She was tough and she was sexy. She had a black belt in karate, and that's all she wore.


19 words. "I hereby offer you the two sentences, total of 19 words, that were all I ever wrote when I attempted a Private Eye yarn about 40 years ago. I felt that anything I could ever add would seem an anti-climax, so I prudently left the opus unfinished ....As usual, the story opened with the arrival of an alluring client in the shamus's shabby office." So wrote veteran journalist and broadcaster Clyde Gilmour; a veteran musicologist as well, Gilmour did not resist compareing (or contrasting) his "opus" with Schubert's so-called "Unfinished Symphony. "


"High-Concept Movie" / Jack Eberts

Lethal Weapon: blacklwhite buddy police story, Mel Gibson, Danny Glover, drugs ring, boom.


14 words. A high-concept movie is one that may be described to the trade in a few words; many words are required to convey the characters of a low-concept movie. This description of a high-concept movie appears in Jack Eberts's My Indecision Is Final: The Rise and Fall of Goldcrest Films (London: Faber & Faber, 1990) written with Terry Ilott.


"The Computer Story" / Unknown

Man to Computer: Is there a God?

Computer to Man: There is now.


13 words (6 of directions, 7 words of dialogue). No one can now remember where this so-called computer story first appeared; it seems that it was popular among science-fiction readers in the late 1950s and early 1960s when the noun computer was yet to be modified by the adjective personal. The bulky, room-sized machines glowed with vacuum tubes and sported names like ENIAC and, inevitably, MANIAC. "It is the shortest science-fiction tale I recall," noted Gotlieb, poet and science-fiction writer, in May 1992.


"Recipe for Detecting Life on Mars" / Linda Sagan

Add water.


2 words (plus 6-word title). "But there is a way to test these ideas. One way the hypothetical Martian organisms would know that the precessional spring has arrived is by the reappearance of liquid water. Therefore, as Linda Sagan has mentioned, the recipe for detecting life on Mars is 'Add water.' And this is just what the U.S. Viking biology experiments, scheduled to land on Mars in 1976 and search for microbes, will do.''- Carl Sagan in The Cosmic Connection: An Extraterrestrial Perspective (New York: A Dell Book, 1975).


John Robert Colombo, known as the Master Gatherer, has recently edited two collections, The Mystery of the Shaking Tent and Walt Whitman's Canada, both published in QuasiBook format by Hounslow Press. Readers of this column are invited to contribute "mini fictions" of their own for a future column.

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Public Lending Right in Jeopardy

By Robert J. Sawyer


This month, a total of 6.9 million dollars was disbursed to 8,393 Canadian authors by the Public Lending Right Commission as compensation for revenues lost by those authors in 1992 because of free library circulation of the 37,000 books they had written.


The PLR system works like this: each year, authors register with the Commission the titles of the books they've had published. The Commission then chooses at random ten mid-sized libraries from coast to coast, and checks their card catalogs. If at least one copy of a given title shows up in a library, the author gets one share of that year's PLR money. If all ten libraries have copies, the author gets ten shares for that title. Authors can collect revenues for all the books they've authored, but the maximum an author can collect in total is 100 shares.


Then the annual Government grant to the PLR program is simply divided by the number of share claims to produce the share value. This year it was $43.70. So, if an author had written three books, one of which had shown up in six out of ten libraries, and two of which had shown up in four libraries a piece, he or she would have earned 14 shares, or $611.80.


The PLR program was founded in 1986, after intensive lobbying by The Writers' Union of Canada and other organizations. At that time, the Federal government committed to ongoing funding of it. However, the government is now reneging on its commitment.


Based on projected growth rate (more titles are registered each year, of course, and new authors join the program) and the government's recent 10% funding cut to the Canada Council (which operates the PLR Commission), average cheques for 1993 will be 18% smaller than the ones that just went out. Even if there are no further cuts, cheques for 1994 will be down a further 8 %, and for 1995, they'll be reduced yet another 8%.


That means for every $100 of PLR payments an author got for 1992, he or she will receive only $69 in 1995. More: the maximum per-author payout will drop by over $1,200 — from $4,370 for 1992 to just $3,032 for 1995.


The PLR Commission is a model of government efficiency. Only 5.84% of its budget is spent on administration (including the two annual mailings to authors and the actual inventorying of libraries); everything else is disbursed directly to Canadian writers.


The person responsible for the cuts in PLR payments is Canada's Federal Minister of Communications, Perrin Beatty. Ironically, since Brian Mulroney announced that he was stepping down as Canada's Prime Minister, Beatty is one of the handful of names being put forward as a potential successor.


We all get great pleasure out of the Merril Collections holdings. It's wholly appropriate for the friends of a library to want to make sure that the writers whose works stock that library continue to be compensated for their materials available in it.


I urge all members of The Friends of the Merril Collection to make this an issue during this election year. Please send a short personal note to Messrs. Beatty and Mulroney, with a copy to your own Member of Parliament, protesting the reduction in PLR funding.


Please write to either or both of:


Hon. Perrin Beatty, Minister of Communications or The Rt. Hon. Brian Mulroney, Prime Minister of Canada at:

House of Commons

Ottawa, Ontario



Robert J. Sawyer is the Canadian Regional Director of Science fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc.

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Awards for 1990 and 1991 Fiction



The 1992 Aurora Awards for the best Canadian science fiction and fantasy of 1991, were awarded at CANVENTION 12 in Waterloo.


Best Long‑form Work In English

  • Golden Fleece, Robert J. Sawyer

Other Nominees

  • The Little Country, Charles de Lint
  • The Difference Engine, William Gibson & Bruce Sterling
  • Blood Price, Tanya Huff Kill the Editor, Spider Robinson
  • The Divide, Robert Charles Wilson


Best Short Work in English (tie)

  • "Breaking Ball", Michael Skeet
  • "A Niche", Peter Watts

Other Nominees

  • "Raven Sings a Medicine Way, Coyote Steals the Pollen", Charles de Lint
  • "Reaper", James Alan Gardner
  • "The Water Man", Ursula Pflug
  • "Me Man Who Would Be Kzin", S.M. Stirling
  • "Baseball Memories", Edo van Belkcom


Meilleur Livre en Français

  • Ailleurs et au Japon, Élisabeth Vonarburg

Other Nominees

  • La Taupe et le dragon, Joël Champetier
  • Boulevard des étoiles, Daniel Sernine
  • Nuits blêmes, Daniel Sernine
  • À la Recherche de monsieue Goodtheim, Daniel Sernine


Meilleur Nouvelle en Français

  • "L'enfant des mondes assoupis", Yves Meynard

Other Nominees

  • "Reves d'anges", Alain Bergeron
  • "A't", Harold Côté
  • "Jusqu'au derniei", Michel lamontagne
  • "Hôtel Carnivalia", Daniel Sernine
  • "Les Jeux de la paix et de la guerre", Jean-Louis Trudel




The 1991 Aurora Awards for the best Canadian science fiction and fantasy of 1990, were awarded at CANVENTION 11 in Edmonton.


Best Long‑form Work in English

  • Tigana, Guy Gavriel Kay

Other Nominees

  • King of the Scepter'd Isle, Michael Coney
  • Gate of Darkness, Circle o fLight, Tanya Huff
  • Golden Fleece, Robert J. Sawyer
  • Gypsies, Robert Charles Wilson


Best Short Work In English

·         "Muffin Explains Teleology to the World", James Alan Gardner

Other Nominees

·         "Wolfrunner", Mary Choo

·         "The Fair in Emain Macha', Charles de Lint

·         "Freewheeling", Charles de Lint

·         "Eternity, Baby", Andrew Weiner


Meilleur Livre en Franqais

·         Histoire de la Princesse et du Dragon, Élisabeth Vonarburg

Other Nominees

·         L'Oiseau de feu (2A), Jacques Brossard

·         Le Mâitre de Chicken Itza, Vincent Chabot

·         La Mer au fond du monde, Joël Champetier

·         L'Espace du diamant, Esther Rochon

·         Nuits blémes, Daniel Sernine


Meilleur Nouvelle en Français

  • "Ici, des tigres", Élisabeth Vonarburg

Other Nominees

  • "À fleur de peau", Joël Champetier
  • "Coeur de fer", Joël Champetier
  • "Le vertige des prisons", Roger Des Roches




The 1991 Nebula Awards for the best science fiction of 1991 were awarded by the Science Fiction Writers of America.


Best Novel

·         Stations of the Tide, Michael Swanwick

Other Nominees

·         Orbital Resonance, John Barnes

·         Barrayar, Lois McMaster Bujold

·         Bone Dance, Emma Bull

·         Synners, Pat Cadigan

·         The Difference Engine, William Gibson & Bruce Sterling


Best Novella

·         Beggars in Spain, Nancy Kress

Other Nominees

·         "Man Opening a Door", Paul Ash

·         Apartheid, Superstrings, and Mordecai Thubana, Michael Bishop

·         Bully!, Mike Resnick

·         The Gallery of HisDreams, Kristine Kathryn Rusch

·         "Jack", Connie Willis


Best Novelette

  • "Guide Dog", Mike Conner

Other Nominees

·         "Gate of Faces" ,Ray Aldridge

·         "Black Glass", Karen Joy fowler

·         "Standing in Line With Mr. Jimmy", James Patrick Kelly

·         "The Happy Man", Jonathan Lethem

·         "The All-Consuming", Lucius Shepard & Robert Frazier

·         "Getting Real", Susan Shwartz


Best Short Story

·         "Ma Qui", Alan Brennert

Other Nominees

·         "They're Made Out of Meat", Terry Bisson

·         "The Dark", Karen Joy Fowler

·         Buffalo, John Kessel

·         "Dog's Life", Martha Soukup

·         "the button, and what you know", W. Gregory Stewart




The 1990 Nebula Awards for the best science fiction of 1990 were awarded by the Science Fiction Writers of America.


Best Novel

·         Tehanu: The Last Book of Earthsea, Ursula K. Leguin

Other Nominees

·         Mary Reilly, Valerie Martin

·         Only Begotten Daughter, James Morrow

·         The Fall of Hyperion, Dan Simmons

·         Redshift Rendezvous, John E. Stith

·         White Jenna, Jane Yolen


Best Novella

  • "The Hemingway Hoax", Joe Haldeman

Other Nominees

  • "Weatherman", Lois McMaster Bujold
  • "Fool to Believe", Pat Cadigan
  • "Mr. Boy", James Patrick Kelly
  • "Bones", Pat Murphy


Best Novelette

·         "Tower of Babylon", Ted Chiang

Other Nominees

·         "The Coon Rolled Down and Ruptured His Larinks, A Squeezed Novelby Mr. Skunk", Dafydd ab Hugh

·         "The Shobies' Story", Ursula K. Le Guin

·         "1/72nd Scale", Ian MacLeod

·         "The Manamouki", Mike Resnick

·         "A Time For Every Purpose", Kristine Kathryn Rusch

·         "Loose Cannon", Susan Shwartz

·         "Over the Long Haul", Martha Soukup


Best Short Story

·         "Bears Discover Fire", Terry Bisson

Other Nominees

·         "The Power and the Passion", Pat Cadigan

·         "Lieserl", Karen Joy Fowler

·         "Love and Sex Among the Invertebrates", Pat Murphy

·         "Before I Wake", Kim Stanley Robinson

·         "Story Child", Kristine Kathryn Rusch




The 1992 Hugo Awards were presented by the members of MagiCon, the World Science Fiction Convention held in Orlando, for the best science fiction of 1991.


Best Novel

  • Barrayar, Lois McMaster Bujold

Other Nominees

  • Bone Dance, Emma Bull
  • Xenocide, Orson Scott Card
  • All the Weyrs of Pern, Anne McCaffrey
  • Stations of the Tide, Michael Swanwick
  • The Summer Queen, Joan D. Vinge


Best Novella

·         Beggars in Spain, Nancy Kress

Other Nominees

·         "And Wild For To Hold", Nancy Kress

·         The Gallery of His Dreams, Kristine Kathryn Rusch

·         Griffin's Egg, Michael Swanwick

·         "Jack", Connie Willis


Best Novelette

  • "Gold", Isaac Asimov

Other Nominees

  • "Dispatches from the Revolution", Pat Cadigan
  • "Understand", Ted Chiang
  • "Fin de Cyclé", Howard Waldrop
  • "Miracle". Connie Willis


Best Short Story

·         "A Walk in the Sun", Geoffrey A. Landis

Other Nominees

·         "Press Ann", Terry Bisson

·         "Buffalo", John Kessel

·         "One Perfect Morning, With Jackals", Mike Resnick

·         "Winter Solstice", Mike Resnick

·         "Dog's Life", Martha Soukup

·         "In the Late Cretaceous", Connie Willis




The 1991 Hugo Awards were presented by the members of ChiCon V, the World Science Fiction Convention held in Chicago, for the best science fiction of 1990.


Best Novel

  • The Vor Game, Lois McMaster Bujold

Other Nominees

  • Queen of Angels, Greg Bear
  • Earth, David Brin
  • The Quiet Pools, M. P. Kube-McDowell
  • The Fall of Hyperion, Dan Simmons


Best Novella

  • "The Hemingway Hoax", Joe Haldeman

Other Nominees

  • "Fool to Believe", Pat Cadigan
  • "Bones". Pat Murphy
  • Bully!, Mike Resnick
  • A Short, Sharp Shock, Kim Stanley Robinson


Best Novelette

·         "The Manamouki", Mike Resnick

Other Nominees

·         "Tower of Babylon", Ted Chiang

·         "The Coon Rolled Down and Ruptured His Larinks, A Squeezed Novel by Mr. Skunk", Dafydd ab Hugh

·         "A Braver Thing", Charles Sheffield

·         "Over the Long Haul", Martha Soukup


Best Short Story

  • "Bears Discover Fire", Terry Bisson

Other Nominees

  • "The Utility Man", Robert Reed
  • "Godspeed", Charles Sheffield
  • "VRM‑547", W.R. Thompson
  • "Cibola", Connie Willis




The 1992 World Fantasy Awards for the best fantasy of 1991 were presented at the World Fantasy Convention in Pine Mountain, Georgia.


Best Novel

  • Boy's Life, Robert R. McCammon

Other Nominees

  • Hunting the Ghost Dancer, A.A. Attanasio
  • The Paper Grail, James P. Blaylock
  • Bone Dance, Emma Bull
  • Outside the Dog Museum, Jonathan Carroll
  • The Little Country, Charles de Lint


Best Novella

·         "The Ragthome", Robert Holdstock & Garry Kilworth

Other Nominees

·         "Gwidion and the Dragon", C.J. Cherryh

·         Our Lady of the Harbour, Charles de Lint

·         The Gallery of His Dreams, Kristine Kathryn Rusch

·         "To Become a Sorceror", Darrell Schweitzer

·         "The Pavilion of Frozen Women", S.P. Somtow


Best Short Story

·         "The Somewhere Doors", Fred Chappell

Other Nominees

·         "The Better Boy", James P. Blaylock & Tim Powers

·         "The Conjure Man", Charles de Lint

·         "Pity the Monsters", Charles de Lint




The 1991 World Fantasy Awards for the best fantasy of 1990 as presented at the World Fantasy Convention held in Tucson, are:


Best Novel (tie)

  • Thomas the Rhymer, Ellen Kushner
  • Only Begotten Daughter, James Morrow

Other Nominees

  • Tigana, Guy Gavriel Kay
  • Mary Reilly, Valerie Martin
  • Good Omens, Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman


Best Novella

  • "Bones", Pat Murphy

Other Nominees

  • Black Cocktail, Jonathan Carroll
  • "The Hemingway Hoax", Joe Haldeman
  • "The Barrens", F. Paul Wilson


Best Short Fiction

·         "A Midsummer Night's Dream", Neil Gaiman & Charles Vess

Other Nominees

·         "Bears Discover Fire", Terry Bisson

·         "The Last Feast of Harlequin", Thomas Ligotti

·         "Stephen", Elizabeth Massie

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