Merril Banner SnippetThe Friends of the Merril Collection is a volunteer organization to support and promote the Merril Collection of Science Fiction, Speculation, and Fantasy, a public access collection consisting of science fiction, fantasy, gaming materials, graphic novels, and other related items. The Collection is named after acclaimed SF author Judith Merril, who’s original donation of material formed its nucleus.  The objectives of our organization are:

  • To encourage interest in The Merril Collection and the library
  • To increase awareness of works of the fantastic imagination, and Canadian contributions to this field.
  • To advise the Toronto Public Library Board on policy matters concerning the collection in consultation with the Library’s staff.
  • To act as a resource for The Merril Collection and other public and private collections in Canada and elsewhere in consultation with the staff of the Toronto Public Library Board.

The Friends of the Merril Collection is not a fan organization; it is a group of members with a common interest: to promote the Collection and to make it the best public collection of speculative fiction in the world. To this end the Friends organize various events throughout the year at the Collection, such as book launches and author readings, our annual Pulp Show and Holiday Cream Tea, and other such events. We also publish Sol Rising, a semi-annual newszine on our events, Merril Collection highlights, and articles of interest to the science fiction and fantasy community. The Friends also makes an annual contribution to the Collection itself for the acquisition of new items.

Please consider becoming involved with the Friends, and helping to support the Collection. Membership in the Friends is $35 a year, the funds go towards organizing events, printing our Sol Rising newszine, and providing the Collection additional funds for purchasing.

Memberships and donations are tax deductible in Canada and the US. They can be purchased via Paypal on our Join the Friends page or mailed to the address on the right. Credit cards can also be used by phoning the Collection during its working hours (standard business during the week and on Saturday).

Please contact solrising.editor@gmail.com for membership information.

See Events page for Upcoming Events!