Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines for Sol Rising

All submissions should be sent by e-mail to:

General Guidelines

  1. Sol Rising is published in July and December. Submission of final copy for these issues is May 31 and October 31 respectively. Late submissions will be held over until the next issue or rejected.
  2. The guidelines below are effective immediately and will be enforced for all submissions for the December 2008 and all subsequent issues of Sol Rising.
  3. Any updates to these guidelines will be posted in this page. Contributors are encouraged to refresh their copy of this page frequently.
  4. Sol Rising is strictly a volunteer publication. Regretfully, we cannot pay for submissions at this time.
  5. The views expressed in Sol Rising are those of our contributors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Merril Collection, the Friends of the Merril or Toronto Public Library.

Guidelines for Articles

  1. Sol Rising is currently accepting articles about topics relating to science fiction, fantasy, horror, speculation and their respective fandoms and industries.
  2. Sol Rising is not currently accepting fiction or poetry.
  3. All articles must be queried prior to submission.
  4. The writer of an article is responsible for copy editing and fact checking their article prior to submitting it.
  5. The use of profanity in articles is permitted, but highly discouraged.
  6. Articles must be finished at the time of submission.
  7. All articles must be submitted digitally in .doc, .txt, .rtf or .html format as attachments to the e-mail. Articles submitted in the body of emails will not be accepted.

Guidelines for Media Reviewing

  1. Reviews of media related to Sol Rising’s focus will be published at the discretion of the Editor.
  2. Reviews will be accepted for current media or older media. Reviews for forthcoming media will be accepted only if the reviewer can prove to the Editor’s satisfaction that they are reviewing from a copy of the item that is complete, or nearly so (i.e., advance review copies, preview screenings, etc), obtained in a way that does not contradict guideline #4 in this section.
  3. The author of the review is responsible for obtaining and paying for (if necessary) their own book, DVD, event ticket, etc.
  4. The reviewer must have no personal or professional connection to the item they are reviewing. Example: A book reviewer must not be an employee of the company that published the book they are reviewing, nor may they be paid by that publishing company, or any third-parties in that company’s employ, to write the review.
  5. Reviews must be honest and constructive. If warranted, negative reviews are permitted.
  6. Reviews must follow the submission guidelines for articles (above).

Guidelines for Photographs, Illustrations and Similar Materials

  1. All images must be submitted digitally in .jpg or .tif format ONLY, either on a CD or DVD, or by email. Images should be in either CMYK or greyscale.
  2. All images must be queried prior to submission.
  3. Preference is given to images accompanied by articles.
  4. All images must be accompanied by information providing appropriate credit to the illustrator, photographer or original artist.
  5. Photographs must be accompanied by information identifying the subjects of the photograph (i.e. their correctly-spelled names), as well as the location of the photograph (i.e. the “Insert name of author here” reading at the Merril Collection held on July 3, 2007)
  6. Sol Rising reserves the right to re-size or de-colour images as required to fit the layout.
  7. Images must be suitable for publication in a library environment.

Guidelines for Review Materials

  1. Due to the nature of Sol Rising’s relationship with the Merril Collection and Toronto Public Library, Sol Rising is not currently accepting review materials.
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